Open up your next Free People catalog. Find The Happen-Ins staring back at you.

Last summer, I discovered The Happen-Ins on KUT.

That fateful night, twangy guitar filled my car speakers.  I heard a sound that was hip-shakin’, hair-flyin’ rock n’ roll, and was hooked immediately.

When I found out The Happen-Ins were from Austin, I went to a show that very week.

That’s me with two of The Happen-Ins, above.  I may or may not have forced them to take a picture with me at that show.

Time passed, and I’ve continued to be a diehard Happen-In’s fan.  Their following has grown here in Austin, proving that ’70s style jam never really gets old.  Whenever “Do It” and “Baby” come on in my car, I crank up the volume and roll down my windows.

03 Do It by AustinEavesdropper

06 Baby by AustinEavesdropper

Now, Free People — you know, the store / brand behind all the impossibly pretty hippie stuff — has caught onto my beloved greaser rockers.  The Happen-Ins are featured in this month catalog, coming June 17.

I got my hands on some of the outtakes!

 The Mohawk’s bear — who looks like he’s right about to eat this girl — kills me.

Austinites, aren’t you proud of our little band?  They are national models!

I’m definitely going to this party.  And I’m going to take my new pet, i.e. my shiny new camera, with me.  I’ve decided the camera needs a name, by the way — but what?  Something reliable (like a Kate) only something exciting at the same time (Danger Kate?).   

Do you have any ideas for a camera name?

Also.  You want to know something else cool?  My baby’s band is sharing the stage with The Happen-Ins this Saturday.  Also at The Mohawk.  I might as well pitch a tent there, huh?  Details on that momentarily.