New York Noir.

The past week I’ve been walking around New York, snapping shots like a shameless tourist.  
We come here every year for work, but still.  The wide-eyed wonder never wears off!

There are two things in New York that delight me to no end.  People’s enthusiasm over books, and people’s enthusiasm over food.  
When it comes to the latter, I’ve instituted a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy — don’t ask me how many times (or in what amounts) I’ve eaten cheese, chocolate, and truffle oil, and I won’t tell you. 
However, at Bryant Park Grill, I have something exciting to report.  With my meal, I thought I was reaching for black beans with my fork, then realized it was rice coated in black cream.  Or to be more specific, squid ink risotto.
I think my culinary sophistication levels multiplied by approximately 1,000.

Those are my friends and colleagues, Elaine and Stephanie, on the subway with me, as well as me displaying my special CBS News badge.  We pitched them a  few authors this morning, and fortunately, I managed not to tuck my dress into the front of my tights for this meeting (like I did for yesterday’s TV meeting).  That’s called progress.