Moving and bicycle art.

Wow.  You guys?  Ross and I moved this weekend.  I’m slowly going crazy.  I miss my old house in Hyde Park, all of five miles away, we don’t have internet yet (the horror!), and we are bickering about the most ridiculous things.  Example:

Me: I feel strongly that the armoir needs to go against THAT WALL.  [Emphatic pointing finger]

Ross: Why don’t we take out the armoir altogether, and try using these neat antique drawers instead?

Me: No, no, no.  That just won’t work, it won’t look good because —

Ross: [Removes armoir]

Me: What are you doing!

Ross: Here, now we have drawers in the living room.  This is awesome.

Me: [Resolves to choose battles wisely]

Ross: Ok, couches.

Me: Oh no.  What about our couches?

Ross: Let’s have them directly facing each other.

Me: No!

Ross: Why not?

Me: Because it will look like the people sitting on them are on a panel, judging the people across from them on the other couch.

Ross: … ?

Like that.

I was beginning to feel really sorry for myself yesterday, when it took me approximately 18 minutes to find a spoon, then I heard about Osama Bin Laden and realized: Perhaps there are larger issues in the world.

Anyway.  What I really need is to get out, take a break, and absorb some creativity and inspiration.   I am going to this awesome art show in my old hood (tear) on Thursday night, at Gallery Black Lagoon:

This is a really cool show, curated by Poster Cabaret: A small, locally owned art business.  If you are a fan of SF Girl By Bay you may have seen one of their ads, and recently the owner, Lad, and I have gotten to know each other a little bit.
Last year, Victoria (from SF Girl By Bay) even posted about the show for National Bike Month.  Which is now, May!
The show is bicycle-themed, and seems well-timed in light of the more poignant cyclist news we’ve been experiencing here in Austin lately.
Three of my favorites: Delicious Design League, Austin’s own Bryan Keplesky, and Hollie Chastain. 

Back to moving.  

Do any of you guys have tips on moving?  On getting settled?  On what is a reasonable time frame to feel like your new home is truly “yours?” 

One positive outcome of the moving stress is that Claudia, our demon cat, has now transformed into the sweetest pet EVER.  We think it’s because she’s not allowed to go outside yet and kill things.  In other words, she’s finally becoming domesticated.