Comely Austin Fashion Week Posters.

I dined in an iconic New York Fashion Week site tonight (Bryant Park), while a country’s length away, these beauties arrived in my inbox.
Remember the fabulous wigs of Austin Fashion Week 2010?  Those were not lost on this years’ poster designer.
I likey.  Do you?  
Also.  You guys.  I’m at Book Expo America right now, and I have to say, it’s such a heartwarming community of unabashed book lovers.  
I’d normally attempt to riff on something suitably fashion-appropriate, given the post, but instead I want to tell you about literature.  At a panel of book editors I visited, this book was discussed, and there was literally a mob outside the panel doors afterwards.  People were positively clamoring to sieze copies.  We’re talking mosh pit, and I was down in it.  I caught an elbow in the face.
That made me incredibly happy.
Does everyone remember the cool discussion we had a few months ago about book suggestions?  Put The Night Circus at the top of your list.  There was a bidding war for it among publishing houses, and it’s already been sold / translated to 25 countries.  It will be huge, little readers.