REVIEW: Josey’s Grill and Bar

A few weeks ago, Lakeway Resort & Spa invited me to come try their restaurant, Josey’s Grill & Bar.  I said, “ok,” and wrote an email back that was full of ampersands.  I promise it was terribly clever.
So, imagine my disappointment when I realized I already had plans that night!  I had an aerial dance class scheduled (yep, still taking it), so I asked Ross (husband) if he’d like to go instead and review.

He said, “ok,” and rounded up a buddy to go along with him.  I texted him at one point during the night and he wrote back: “Can’t talk; demolishing this plate with my face.”  Actually, I think he wrote “can’t talk, savoring,” but in my mind’s eye it was definitely the former.

The meal was eight courses, and below, Ross gives you a “taste” of his evening at Josey’s.  Enjoy!

from ross:

Everybody, at some point in their life, would benefit from the experience of being the most important man in the room.  Well, at Josey’s Grill and Bar (yes that’s right, Grill FIRST, then bar) anybody can have such an experience – especially me and my one special wing man.
Now, I don’t always date men, but when I do, I prefer Jason Silverberg.  With the wife out dangling on silk ribbons at her aerial dance class, I knew that if anybody was to get the scoop on this restaurant properly, it would have to be these two dudes.
When we walked into Josey’s, we were both struck by the modern lodgy feel to it.  Dimly lit, with robust stone columns, a fireplace, and plenty of dark wooden undertones, it was just the sort of place where a man could kick back and drink a… wait, what’s this?… a pink martini with a lemon in it?  Don’t mind if I do.

The Redbud Martini – Absolut Citron, fresh raspberries and a splash of cran started things off with citrusy gusto.  I thought momentarily about going to the bar for a beer instead, but then I reminded myself that if bears like raspberries, then it would be ok for me to drink them in a cocktail and still be cool. 
Among the many courses that came throughout the evening, one my favorites was our appetizer, the Braised Short Rib Nachos.  As the southern/southwestern theme of the meal began to come into focus, the nachos got us off to a good start.

Prepared with house made potato chips, Tillamook cheddar, jalapenos, and avocado crema.

Next the Dr. Pepper fried Texas Quail came out, and I made quick work of it. Definitely a southern-man’s-backwoods-cabin-gourmet kind of a dish, it had a nice subtle glaze to it which paired nicely with the gamey adventurousness of the quail. 

Prepared with ancho/honey butter and blue cheese potato salad.

It seemed like something that the Marlboro Man would have eaten – right before he lit up a smoke, and then got laid, and then lit up another smoke – because that’s just what you do when you’re the Malboro Man.

For dessert: Double chocolate bread pudding. 

This I murdered.  

It came out piping hot, soft and mushy (the good kind of mushy) with little cascades of chocolatude oozing out of it like dark rivers of temptation.  I pondered briefly whether I could fit the whole thing in my mouth at once.  I feel confident that I could have actually.  But I didn’t.  I ate it one reasonable bite after another.

As the moon rose gradually over Lake Travis signaling the procession of a starry hill country night, Jason and I departed Josey’s Grill and Bar happy and satisfied. Chef Jeff Axline really did put on quite a show, and delivered far more poetry on his plates than my snarky amateur food writing can convey.  Well done sir.  Well done indeed.