Birthday weekend, part 2.

On Sunday, a few friends and I ventured up to the top of the hill at Butler Park, and had a little party.
I’m very practical, so naturally I wore a dress and heels for the hike.  When we got to the top, we discovered the coolest thing: A piano.

(We also discovered high winds.)

There are currently 14 pianos placed around Austin as part of the “Play Me, I’m Yours” exhibit by artist Luke Jerram.  The show has been touring internationally since 2008 apparently, and we were tickled pink when we found this one!  
Right as the party started, a girl and her two buddies showed up out of nowhere and serenaded us on the piano.  One of the guys got on his hands and knees and acted as her bench; the other guy shot a video of the whole thing while we stood there slack-jawed, as she belted out this sultry little number.  I’m pretty sure it’s headed to a YouTube near you.
(Here are more photos of Austinites enjoying the Butler Park piano).
Doesn’t the city just look ridiculous from up here?  That’s my sweet baby flying a kite in the background.  It’s a lady bug.
Look at these girls to my left and right, Amy and Laurie.  They’re adorable, huh?
This birthday party was exactly what I wanted: Playful and relaxing.  Sometimes you want a big blowout for your birthday, other times, you want a park, dogs, kites and babies. Other times still you want to blast dirty gangster rap from a boom box, and show everyone the latest dance moves you learned from Jersey Shore.  But then you think better of it. 

I believe this is what they truly mean about growing older and wiser.