Birthday weekend, part 1.

You know those annoying people who insist on devoting a whole week to their birthday, rather than their one proper, designated day?  No?  
Apparently we haven’t met.
Maybe it’s because I’m an only child.  Or, maybe it’s because my birthday happened to fall on a Thursday this year.  But for reasons unknown, I hogged both Friday and Sunday for parties.  Saturday I walked around humming “Happy Birthday” to myself.
Friday night was a mini-party spent with me, Ross, Mom, Dad, and approximately 36 menu items from Uchiko.

If I look a little wild-eyed in this picture, it’s because the waiter is explaining that this might be the last serving left of the Tobacco Cream, our favorite dessert.  Please note the look of longing on Ross’s face.

This next image, below, has nothing to do with Uchiko.  But it has everything to do with my parents.
  These are two snapshots taken 29 years ago, right before my parents had ME.  My mom sent them to me last week, and I wanted to post them right away.

How cute and prepared does my mom look?  Hey no big deal, she’s just about to give birth.