Birthday Cookie.

My friend Michael made me this personalized birthday card.  I’m kind of in love with it.
I have admittedly been having a week of true writer’s block, so much so that my only post this week wasn’t even written by me!  But by my husband!  (And didn’t he do a good job?  Ross is hilarious.)  
Like, I can’t Tweet, I can’t cleverly Facebook update, and I sure as hell can’t write a blog post.  For my birthday, could someone please reach into my brain and find some eloquence?  Thank you!

(And if not, this baby deer will also work.)  

But today is a special day, because I am newly 29, so I’m going to let myself off the hook.  Rather than write, I’m going to show you pictures of my new favorite cookie.  I just ate it at Quack’s

Yeah, that’s right, I shot it from multiple angles.  So that you could fully appreciate the succulence of the Vegan Trail Mix Cookie, the most misunderstood of pastries.  Are cookies ‘pastries?’  Let’s say yes.
Unlike my other favorite Quack’s cookie, the Salty Oat Cookie, the Vegan Trail Mix Cookie doesn’t get a vaunted place in the shiny display case.  Instead, they sit unceremoniously in a basket perched atop the case, individually wrapped in plastic.  If you didn’t know they were there, you’d probably miss them.   And in fact, many people do: each has a sticker indicating the day it was prepared, as if to say, “It’s not too late?  I think I’m still edible?”
But just like granola cereal can be surprisingly satisfying, so secretly naughty, the Vegan Trail Mix Cookie is decadence masquerading as virtue.  You must try it at least once in your life, even if your friends make fun of you.  I recommend ordering it on your birthday.
Here I am, reverently eating the Vegan Trail Mix Cookie.  Can you see the concentration on my face?  It’s pretty serious business.

Back home from Quack’s now, I just want to say that this post would not be complete without saying thank you to my friends, family, and sweet husband for your tremendous birthday wishes.  A magical unicorn dressed in a whole suit of Vegan Trail Mix cookies couldn’t even come close to you guys!  I love you so much that it makes me tear up, so I’m going to stop typing.  Have a wonderful day!