Your humble host on Fox Austin.

Oh look, I was on TV today.  Do you like how I forgot how to spell around moment 3:15?   That’s always nice.

Anyway, Fox was interviewing me about my Neurotic’s Guide to SXSW, posted on Monday.  I hope some of the tips are helpful!   Here are the resources I recommended:

Useful Apps:
Hurricane Party: For instantaneous group get-togethers
Tipsy Taxi ATX: When you’re too blazed to drive
SXSW Party Resources:
I will also be posting one free SXSW party a day, starting Monday.
And for a full GRID of free and non-free SXSW events:

(That’s the website I was trying to spell.  S-c-h-e-d.  I really had to think about it.  If only my grad school English department could see me now).