Monday’s Free SXSW Party Rec: Chroma.

If there’s one word that keeps getting repeated over and over during SXSW 2011, it is “energy.” 

“The energy this year is unbelievable.”

“There’s so much energy in the air.”

That and “huge,” as Roger Ebert aptly put it.

Both are true.  I have never, ever experienced a SXSW quite like this.  Kelly Krause, SXSW Interactive’s press and publicity coordinator, and I were talking about it earlier, and I searched for proper descriptors. “Woodstock-meets-Animal-House?” I ventured, although that doesn’t quite hit the mark.  Perhaps: Woodstock-meets-Sundance-meets-TED-talks (meets Animal House.  The streets are positively flowing with free booze).

Anyway, as per my promise on Friday, I’m going to post one free SXSW party a day here all week, through Saturday.  I recommend Do512, RepublicOfAustin, Ultra8201, and my magical new discovery, Austin2011.Sched.Org for comprehensive lists; the one party I post daily is simply my personal Top Pick. 

Why Chroma?  Because it’s different.  And a little bit nuts.  And I want you to come see me covered in the color orange.  I am serious; I will be clothed and painted completely in orange doing I don’t know what for this show.

Ok … that’s the real reason I want you to come tonight.   The other reason is, Moldover will be there, and if you are music geeky enough to know what ‘controllerism” is then you know he’s a big deal!   (PS, I’m not nerdy at all.)

Moldover, bands, babes, multimedia displays, trippy on-site art.  Me in orange.  I’ll see you there.