Lessons in Not Wetting Yourself: Interviewing rockstars.

Hello, it’s me Tolly.  Would you like to know four hard things I can do without getting nervous?

1.  Taxes
2.  Thumb wars
3.  Reverse the car out of our driveway*
4.  Make a duck call with my hand**

*Meaning: I don’t get nervous.  Everyone watching does.
**This probably doesn’t make anyone nervous.  Also it’s not hard.

Would you like to know what does make me nervous?

1.  Cooking
2.  Long division
3.  Dogs that look like wolves
4.  Interviewing rockstars

SO.  When I was asked to do #4 last week at SXSW for Express Clothing, I was simultaneously thrilled / teensy bit terrified.

But I think it went ok.

The interviews were spread over three days at Cedar Door here in Austin, where Express and BMF Media Group cohosted the Express Rocks! Music Lounge.  There were over 50 bands, with Neon Trees as the headliner, and folks like Chromeo, Ellie Goulding, and The Sounds stopping by for interviews.  Express dressed me (thank God) and I got to hold a super-huge microphone!

Here are videos of my three favorite interviews: Diplo, Atomic Tom, and Asher Roth.  They are all viewable on the Express website, or more accurately, the Express Rocks portion of their website. 

I was super excited to talk to Diplo.  A long time ago, I wrote a column for The Deli called “DJ Education,” and it’s sort of like my weird closeted music secret: My brief but intense obsession with DJs.   In the DJ world, Diplo is like Michael Jackson.  Or at least Elton John.  What I’m saying is, he’s a big deal. 

Atomic Tom’s Tobias is Canadian.  Why is that pertinent?   I don’t know.  Except that every single Canadian I’ve ever met is shockingly nice.  Including Tobias.  Here’s his 60 Seconds with Tobias blog.

Asher Roth shook every crew members’ hand before the interview, and is just straight-up charming.  Can you see it here?  I ran after him post-interview and made him take an iPhone picture with me.

 Here are some more photos from Express Rocks.

Me with Miss Holly Huddleston, contributor to one of my favorite local blogs: ATX Gossip

HOW EXCITING IS THIS.  I got to meet my beloved Peelander Z!  And boy did I gush.  I told them how I went on a date once with this guy to see them, and then I thought he was basically the coolest guy ever, and then I married him, and omigod would they mind terribly signing an autograph for my then date, now husband?

Now taped to the refrigerator!

Daniel Cavazos shot these pictures of my boys: GARY! and Happy.

Chris Apollo Lynn and I making swift use of the photo booth.  I don’t know what we are trying to do here.

After this Express gig was all said and done, I can honestly say I had a blast!  Like, a ridiculously good time, and I don’t think I scared too many bands.  Wonder if I’ll get to do it again?  Express Rocks! does lounges at places like Coachella and Sundance, and while the chances of being shipped out to spots like that are probably slim … a girl can dream. 

All of my band interviews can now be found on the homepage of the Express Rocks site.  Enjoy!