Friday’s Free SXSW Party Rec: Pitchfork Presents: #Offline.

Man.   I kinda fell down on the job yesterday and Wednesday, huh?   Didn’t post my SXSW free party recommendations!

But I had an excuse, I swear.  And that excuse was laundry.

I’m just kidding: Daddy turned 63 on Wednesday, and Ross and I drove down to San Antonio for it.  In our quest to become actual grown-ups, Ross and I also made an offer on a house this week (WHOA).    And finally, I was interviewing bands for Express Rocks yesterday.  I’m doing it again today and Saturday, and I gotta say, it’s a pretty sweet gig!  They got in touch with me before SXSW, hired me to do some band interviews, and told me I could wear/have their clothes.  I said: “You’ve got yourself a deal.”   


This is Cisco Adler and moi.  Of then 10 or so bands/musicians we interviewed yesterday, he was one of my favorites.  Articulate, passionate, a good talker: I know I say this all the time, but it goes a LONG WAY when a musician or band has a great personality.  The free booze didn’t hurt either, which may or may not have boosted our conversation.

I know Ellie Goulding only looks mildly excited here, but SHE REALLY ENJOYED TALKING TO ME YOU GUYS.  I SWEAR.
Ahem.  Anyway, in all seriousness, Ellie was a delight to talk to.  I tend to get a little giddy over British accents, and she was also very down-to-earth.  You can see what I mean in this video.  Darling, right?

So.  More interviews today, and whenever the videos go up on Express’s site I’ll show them to you! 
Onto today’s free party recommendation.  I’m going with Pitchfork Presents: #Offline!  It’s a day party.

Why Pitchfork Presents: #Offline?  Partly because it’s at a cool location — the East Side Drive-In — and partly because of this guy, the headliner tonight at 6:15pm.  Are you digging Toro & Moi as much as I am?