A sexily aloof reporter I never will be. (Also, Saturday’s Free SXSW Party Rec.)

I gotta say, I’m having fun with these Express Rocks interviews.
I’ve also come to the realization that, while some reporters can be cool and detached during interviews, I will never be that reporter.  I’ll ALWAYS be all up in yo’ face.  I’ll ALWAYS shove an enormous, toothy smile at you.  I don’t know how not to grin like an idiot when there’s a camera right there, y’all.  Whenever I attempt Sexy Face, it is a disaster. 
Fortunately, the bands we’ve been interviewing like to play along.  Kaskade, above, was probably my favorite one yesterday.  How cute is it that he’s a dad, too?  After he walked away I wanted to holler, “wait come back!   Let’s be friends!  I love San Francisco!!”  But, his handler whisked him away and that was that.  Sigh.
So!  I’ll be doing the Express Lounge stuff again today at Cedar Door as we wrap up SXSW, but if I weren’t committed to that, I would march across the river to this day party.  It starts at noon.

I think this line-up pretty much speaks for itself:
The Black Angels
Dennis Coffey
Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears w/special guests The Relatives
White Denim
Bombay Bicycle Club
Young Buffalo
Dan Dyer
Did I ever tell you guys that Ross used to be Black Joe Lewis’ drummer? Right after he left, Black Joe completely blew up and got famous. We cry laugh about it all time.
White Denim and Dan Dyer are probably my favorite acts on that list, but here is a delightful music video from Dennis Coffey.  The Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues card-holding trick never gets old.