My aerial dance debut.

So, remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned signing up for aerial dance classes?

Well, I have now completed a beginner’s session!  It was 12 classes, about a month and a half long, and I learned a little dance at the end of it.  HERE IT IS.

Be kind!  I taped this with another girl on Tuesday night, and we are not always in sync … but oh well.  I accidentally skipped a move toward the end!  My partner is incredibly graceful and flexible, and only 17 if you can believe it!  I wanted to tape this with her so I could be inspired, because I love the way she dances.  PS, I am the one on the right.

Eh, not the most graceful landing.  But overall not bad, right?
I start intermediate classes next week, and I am scared / excited.  There is a wide range of ability in intermediate, apparently, and I know a lot of it will be over my head.  But that’s ok!  Even when I can’t get a move, and am beating myself up in the car later on, I am still just so blown away by how much I have fallen in love with aerial, and how grateful I am that classes like these are available in my city.  I danced a little bit when I was younger, but I’ve never done anything like this.  It honestly feels like Circus School sometimes.
PS, if this has inspired you in any way to try aerial dance and you live in Austin, I am taking it at Blue Lapis Light.  The instructors are absolutely wonderful, and I would love to see you in a class sometime.  The next session starts next week!