Home is where the bird, I mean the heart, is: Q&A with Ingle Talk.

I’m telling you guys, Jessica Giesey (Bluelight Photography)’s photos are the gifts that keep on giving.
Ever since she came over here and did a shoot, the resulting post has piqued the interest of some home decor people!  Which is great because we are total decor amateurs over here!  The Statesman did a style story on the house, which was nice for Ross, because I vacuumed every single day leading up to the shoot.   And that’s not out of character at all.
Now, sweet Maureen Stevens of Ingle Talk has done a little Q&A with me on the house!  She asked good questions too, like “Why are we both so obsessed with birds in decor?”  (I’m paraphrasing).   Because it’s true, I can’t stop putting birds all over the damn house.  Just like these people.


Click to enlarge, or better yet, go have a gander will ya? Maybe leave Maureen a comment for being so awesome! And congratulate her on just getting married …

That’s probably the best dance move of all time.