TONIGHT: Mortified Austin.

Friends, do you remember a time before text messages and Facebook?

When angsty pre-teens and teenagers wrote soul-baring poetry inside their Trapper Keepers?

Archaeologists have now uncovered a rudimentary communication tool called a “pencil,” which bore marks onto “paper,” an advanced form of papyrus.  It is these instruments that frustrated, horny, confused individuals of roughly the 11 – 18 age range used in antiquity to record their thoughts and feelings.

Mortified is a national, touring show that uncovers these artifacts, and features their users reading them aloud, in front of a live audience, and TONIGHT is the third anniversary of Mortified: Austin.

GARY!  introduced me to Mortified a while back, and oh my God, the Austin version is hilarious.  I performed last year, and read my diary entries about mooning dogs, as well as love letters from summer camp to — not boys — my CAT.

One of the producers of the show, Patrick Daniel, told me tonight’s group in particular is ridiculous.  The show is at United States Art Authority, next door to Spiderhouse, which means that seating will be limited: so jump on it.

Friday, January 21 (tonight)
8:00pm – 10:00pm
United States Art Authority
2906 Fruth Street
Ross, I, and a group of friends will be there.  Yay!  ALSO.  There is a nameless, jazz-ish, delightful trio that plays 80s covers in between performers.  I think they are called “The After-School Specials” and they only play for Mortified.  I have a crush on all of them.  They are another excellent reason to see this show tonight.
PS: Yes, that is me, in the beautiful Olan Mills portrait above.