Things that are awkward to blog about when your parents read your blog: Lingerie.

Hi Mom and Dad!  Hello, in-laws!  Old friends from church camp that found me on Facebook!  This is the part where we talk about me buying underwear.

So.  Here’s something to know about me: I view the purchase of lingerie in similar terms as the purchase of better-functioning auto parts.  As in, probably really good to have, but kind of the last thing I want to spend my money on.  (Poor Ross.)

Whenever I buy a piece of “lingerie,” it is invariably for a costume.  Slips that become 1920s dresses.  Feather skirt things that become a Carnival creation.  A white teddy-sort-of-situation that became part of a White Queen get-up.  I hate Victoria’s Secret.

And yet … there are all these new little businesses in Austin that are maybe making me change my mind?

My friend Julia Vie has an awesome boudoir photography outfit that opened last year: Vivian’s Muse.  My other pal Beth started high-end lingerie site Kuhmillion (which got a hilarious / rad write-up today on Thrillist).  I found out about Megan Summerville through a friend of a friend last Spring, just before she opened up her own shop on 3rd Street and launched a new website.

Photo credit: SavannahRed.

This (the “January Set”) is part of a few Megan Summerville Signature Sets that girlfriend is designing and selling during January and February, for a variety of sizes.  The press release I got in my inbox indicates “28B – 38F,” ladies.

Anyway, while musing over Megan and this post, it hit me that underwear really is all about intention.  I mean — obviously.  But here, I am referring to the maker.

When an artist makes you something unique, hand-sews on beads, searches for vintage 1920s cotton, and hand-dyes her own fabrics (like Megan did for this very set above), she imbues it with love.  At least, I like to think so.  Also?  Megan designs underwear for men too.  Awesome.

So what I’m saying is, I think it’s somewhat thrilling to have a local lingerie constructor here in Austin, even though I have historically been very neutral on lingerie.  This isn’t only because Megan is an artist, but because her brand, her site, and her models all possess an assertive female sexuality.  The women are different sizes, and in shows, they look like they are having a blast.  I like that!  In fact, let’s make a rule:  The new rule is, one should ONLY wear lingerie when having a blast.  Right?  Who wants to be sad while wearing their sexy pants.  Nobody, that’s who.