Soon, this will be ME.

Ok, probably not quite that.  But remember when we were all talking about the New Year’s Word, and I off-handedly mentioned aerial dance?  I TOTALLY SIGNED UP FOR CLASSES.
They start tomorrow.  I’m going with my friend Kim.  Who is a legitimate dancer.  I am nothing of the sort … but oh well.
To get excited, I was looking at videos and pictures of aerial dancers all weekend, and it reminded me of this “imagination game” my roommate and I used to play in college. Every time we’d meet someone, we’d cast them in an ongoing, imaginary circus, invented by the two of us. This didn’t include just friends; it also included our professors and family.  Every time we’d be in a class together, and the professor would make a certain gesture, all I had to do was mouth “tightrope walker” to Kathryn, and she’d giggle in agreement.
Anyway, of course we both had to cast ourselves, too.  Kathryn was one of the girls with the huge feather headdresses that rode the elephants; I was trapeze!

 (PS. The name of this file, when I found it on the internet, was “Tito on trapeze again.GIF.”  How funny is that?  Who named that file?  There goes Tito, again.  Always on that damn trapeze.)
Anyway, it’s all coming together now.  I’m taking this trapeze business and making it a reality. 

Kim and I just signed up for beginner classes, and I actually found a video of beginner dancers at Blue Lapis Light — where we’re enrolled — below.  It’s pretty inspiring!  They do drops, and twist themselves up in the scarves, high in the air.  I really can’t wait.
(It gets going about a minute in).

Here are some more videos of Blue Lapis Light dancers.

Anyway, I will keep everyone up to speed on my progress. I am not the most graceful person.
Yesterday, for example. I was carrying a basket of laundry outside, and because I have a tendency to shuffle I didn’t pick my foot up quite high enough, and stumbled on a tiny, pointy twig sticking up out of the ground. I sprawled out in the side yard by our house, and my clothes went flying! (But fortunately it was the dirty pile.)
I think it might be a sign that my true grace isn’t found on land, but in the air.

UPDATED:  Ok.  I just got home from my first class, and it WAS. AWESOME.

I cannot wait to go back.  I thought we’d just learn, like, “this is the mat.  And this, this is the floor” but we actually learned tricks and stuff!  I’m not a floating butterfly yet, but I’m not hopeless either!

UPDATE #2 (1/26/10):  Check it out.  This is class #5.  You can’t really see my face, but what it’s saying is, “please don’t die.”