Do you feel more centered after being sick?

I know this sounds weird, but sometimes I love being sick.

It just brings everything into sharper focus. I was sick for most of this past weekend, and had three startling revelations:

A) Maybe I’ve been drinking a little too much.  Which kills me to admit since I do love all things mixology, wine, and lately, whiskey on the rocks.  (Apparently I am a man.  An old man.)

But the facts speak for themselves: I drank Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, and BAM — Saturday brought the chills/fever shakes/dizziness.

Now I realize this is high flu/cold season time and that bugs of all manner are gleefully attacking the immune systems of many an Austinite.  However, I think by making alcohol more of a “special treat,” less of a “fifth food group,” I’ll be helping mine out.  

B) … and not eating enough.  Enough things that are good for you, I mean.  I eat plenty of things that are ok – not at all ok.   Things that are way, way processed, however!  At least they are organic!  Cheers, Newman’s Own.

But check it out.  Even though we have a vegetable garden, even though I have a husband who cooks and could teach me, even though I live within a 1.5 mile radius to no less than FIVE grocery stores and one bi-weekly farmer’s market (am totally serious), I still cannot seem to prepare food for myself!  What is the matter with me?   

I told Ross in some kind of fever murmur Saturday night that I can’t eat bread and cheese for a while, because they’ve been making my stomach hurt.  I also explained to him that I needed to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed things.  So on Sunday while I had a few non-wobbly hours, I went to Wheatsville and Natural Grocer, and proceeded to then prepare lunch AND dinner for myself.  Yay health!  What websites do you guys visit for “whole food” recipes?  The only thing I know how to make is stir fry. I just ate my third stir fry for lunch.

C) WINDOWS AND ROOMS.  Ok, that isn’t a “lesson,” exactly.  I already know that home decor magazines / websites are basically porn for me.  But this weekend, I ogled at Tumblr after Tumblr, site after site of cozy, woodsy, colorful and light-filled homes, and collected my favorite ones below. 

(Sidenote: Ross and I are looking for a house right now, and after making this little collection … well.  A few things have become clear.  I clearly prefer homes that are a little rough around the edges.  With abundant wood.  And vaulted ceilings.  And maybe have flowers growing up the walls, in assorted sizes and colors.  Now that’s not too much to ask for, is it?)

Those last two pictures were taken by me!  Thank you Instagram.
Do you ever feel more centered after being sick?  I realize how strange it is to express enthusiasm about illness.  But I find it gets my head back on straight.
(Speaking of getting things straight, are any of you guys into Tarot readings?  Lovely Austin is having a Tarot Cocktail Party next Saturday from 3 – 7pm.  I signed up for a 5:00pm reading.  Click here to reserve a spot).