Carry on, my eastward son.

So, Ross and I are sorta kinda thinking about becoming adults and looking for a house.
To buy.
Which is exciting (no more pink carpet!) but, also, heartbreaking (no more — sniff — Hyde Park!). 
Ross just phoned our realtor friend, who gave him the number of a mortgage person to call, who is going to tell us how much money a bank will give us (I think).  And then we’ll go to a bank and say, “hey!  We’d like to borrow money, blah blah blah low interest rate, blah blah blah 15-year mortgage.” Can you tell we have no idea how this works?
Truth be told though, I am really jazzed about this possibility.  Especially since we are thinking east Austin for our next house adventure.  Below is picture from one of my favorite east side restaurants, Blue Dahlia Bistro, where I once conducted these classy shenanigans.

If any of you reading this are east Austin dwellers, what do you think?  Do you enjoy living over there? I’d love to hear about your experience.