Tonight, we are fancy ladies.

Pause. Let’s take a moment, and appreciate the Beetlejuice jacket in front of the rack.

Do you love it?  I do.  I want to rock menswear harder, because I’m so damn girly, but I think that jacket is like gateway menswear. The shoulders aren’t out too there, the colors are whimsical (if a bit traffic lighty), and you could pair it with quite a bit, given all that black.  It’s throwback Gwen Stefani, no?

ANYWAY.  This is what happens when I pretend to be a fashion blogger!  I ramble.  These photos are a peek inside MOSS Designer Consignment, a new store opening up on South Lamar.  It’s brought to you by the effortlessly stylish (and gosh-darn entrepreneurial) ladies of Feathers Boutique, Emily Hoover and Masha Harmeier.

Tonight, they are having a little party to celebrate the new store. With goodies.

The concept behind MOSS is sort of like Neiman’s Last Call, with gently-used (sometimes not at all used) designer duds sold at a deal.  Tonight, they will be selling some of those wares at 25% off ticket price, with bubbly from King Liquor and cocktails from Tito’s Vodka.

Because why just shop, when you can drink and shop?

In addition to the clothes, I’m going to stop by this party for another reason.  I really admire young women who start their own shops in their 20s and 30s like Emily and Masha have, be they vintage boutiques, coffee shops, food trailers, etc. because that seems VERY hard to me.  Do any of you harbor a similar fantasy?