Tonight: Handmade Music Austin & DIY Disco.

You have to love a pitch email that starts,

“Thanksgiving was only a week ago, Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone is looking for some disco to shake the pounds off.”

Too true, emailer. Too true.

Anyway, this emailer was my buddy Dan, and tonight he is throwing a dance party featuring a couple of Austin “giznometers.”

Bodytronix — a duo comprised of Eric Archer and and Erich Ragsdale — were recently featured on the cover of Austin Chronicle for Handmade Music, a local DIY electronics collective that teaches gadget-building classes.  From the piece:

“The four locals who make up the Handmade Music crew each have their own endeavors in gizmometry: Eric Archer’s his own assembly line, churning out a dizzying number of one-time projects, like the electric gong and brainwave-controlled drum helmet…

Archer played in Numbers on the Mast and currently performs with Erich Ragsdale as Bodytronix, a DJ duo that came together through love of library music and disco and performs on things Archer’s built, as well as vintage modified gear. They performed at Switched On during South by Southwest, chopping out beats like sushi chefs.”

(If you have time to read the whole thing, it’s a pretty great story.)

Here’s a little vid about Handmade Music Austin, featuring Eric Archer.

If those Tetris beats are seizing your geeky heart like a little siren song, then go see Archer and Ragsdale do their Bodytronix thing tonight.

The hosts of the party, Flying Turns, kindly provided a link to one of their dance mixes, too.  I rarely post dance party stuff anymore, but damn!  This tasty!