THIS WEEKEND: Fashionistas can do their part to stimulate the economy (by shopping).

Some of you may know “eco chic” fashion designer (and my good buddy) René Geneva.  She is a creative force of nature here in Austin, belly dancing and fire eating one minute, teaching the masses how to become designers themselves the next.  And each time we hang out, I keep hoping some of dang artistic talent will rub off on me.

René’s stuff always has an easy, layery feel to it — a little Stevie Nicks, a little Bianca Jagger. Her clothes are all made from sustainable materials, from organic cotton to tree bark, making her somewhat of an Austin fashion darling. 

Now, René and award-winning local designer, Linda Asaf, have joined forces.  The two are sharing a boutique space together on 1405 West Sixth, and this weekend, the two are throwing a little soft launch party.

rené geneva and linda asaf boutique
saturday and sunday
11am – 7pm
special discounts * food * drinks

Here are some of the looks you’ll see inside the store, which carries everything from comfy casual (think yoga pants) to seasonal staples (eco-friendly coats).

More photos are available on the event page. Where you may see someone you recognize.
One of my favorite, favorite things René makes are these slouchy hip purses — with a big, wide belt, and and a paperback-sized pouch to hold your stuff.  I wish I had a picture to show you so you can see what I’m talking about!  You can see a black one in the second-to-last pic above, but I adore the brown ones, not shown.  Oh well.  That just means you’ll have to go in and see them for yourselves!  Just don’t buy too many, because I may do a little Merry-Christmas-to-me trip there today.