THIS SATURDAY: Dogs, it’s your time to shine.

This is the kind of thing that makes me wish we had a dog!  But we’ll settle for our cute, yet evil, cat.

So post Bleet-Up, there is yet more fun to be had this weekend. Scamps and Scoundrels: An Urban Dog Challenge, benefiting Austin Pets Alive!, is this Saturday here in Austin, and it sounds totally fun. Basically, registered teams do a scavenger hunt / relay race of sorts around Austin.  Team are made up of dogs and people. They complete challenges together, and at the end of the race, they go to a huge party at the new Austin Pets Alive! building at Manchaca and South Lamar.

(Did you catch that?  People partying WITH dogs. This probably happens only in Austin. God I love my city.)

A group of rockstar women here in town put this whole thing together: Blair Smith and Alesha Mathews of Dirty Dog, and publicist / event planners Sarah K. Wolf and Beth Bellanti. All are avid dog lovers. I may or may not have a girl crush on all.

If you haven’t registered yet dog owners and lovers, you may do so here.

I spoke with Claudia about pretending to be a dog, and doing these fun relays together on Saturday.  I said, “hey Claudia, for a good cause, let’s work together here. Be a team player.” This is how she reacted.