Paging Whole Body Studio: We look like alligators

So, this is the time of year when my body starts to look less like a human, and more like a reptile’s.  Poor Ross has to cuddle up with an iguana each night, because his wife has apparently never heard of lotion.  What I’m saying is, I have very dry skin.

You too?

I thought this would be a nice time of year to check with one of our Austin Eavesdropper sponsors, Whole Body Studio, and get — as Cher in Clueless would say — the 411 on spa treatments.

Below, Jennie advises me on what to buy for all the gay men in my life for the holidays, how to not make your face explode from Texas allergies, and why she left her boring desk job to, eventually, own her own spa.

*  *  *

1. Hi Jennie, welcome to Austin Eavesdropper! Tell us about Whole Body Studio.

Whole Body Studio opened in 2005. In June 2007, I landed a job as an aesthetician at Whole Body Studio. The former owner and I quickly became friends and soon I was not only taking clients, but also running the spa for her. My previous administrative background really came in handy!

In October 2007, I took ownership of the spa. I brought in a new chemical-free organic product line, expanded our spa menu and brought on a few new service providers. I also made Whole Body my first priority. I felt it was important that I be present as often as possible. I wanted my clients to get to know me and also give a “face and voice” to WBS. My focus has always been to provide natural, non-invasive services and treatments in a comfortable and inviting environment.

2. Why did you start this business?

I took ownership two years after it opened. In 2005, I was working in an office … bored and unstimulated.  It just wasn’t my calling.  I wanted to find something that excited me.

My then-boyfriend (now husband!) and I talked all the time about how there had to be something out there I could do, enjoy AND make a living. One day we were getting our hair cut together and chatting with the stylists about my lack of direction.  They asked me what I liked to do and I said, “Make people happy!” They suggested I go to beauty school to become an esthetician.  What??  I had never considered that!

I was skeptical.  Definitely skeptical.  But we started doing some research, visiting some schools and before I knew it, I was enrolled in a 9-month night program.

3. I’ve noticed you offer a LOT of products geared toward allergies, which hit us Austinites like the plague.  Whaddaya got in-store for that kind of thing?

Allergies!  It seems like everyone I know is suffering.  Whole Body Studio carries a line of herbal tinctures made by Ginger Webb of Texas Medicinals.  Taking an herbal tincture like Texas Allergy Relief, which actually contains ragweed, can help your body build a better (and more natural!) defense.

For raw noses and chapped lips we have Talulah Calendula Sensitive Healing Cream. It works like a charm to calm inflammation and soften all your rough patches, plus it smells divine and is completely chemical-free.

4. This time of year is joyful!  Bursting with holiday spirit!  And stressful.  So, what kind of soothing, relaxing treatments do you recommend for the holiday season?

Massage, facials, massage, facials … and repeat.

Our therapists can customize an aromatherapy treatment for any massage.  Our facials are sooo relaxing.  Many clients tell me that they are just as relaxing as a full body massage.  I think any time you can relax and let go and really allow someone to employ the healing power of touch, you are bound to be relaxed!

5. Finally: I’m about to go gift-shopping.  I’m buying for girls, parents, and men. (Mostly gay men.) What do you recommend?

Our men’s packages are awesome! Our most popular packages for men include:

The Escape Traffic Package: The Urban Renewal Facial plus a 50-minute Custom Massage.  (100 minutes, $144)

The Big Date Package: The Urban Renewal Facial plus our signature Whole Body Back Treatment which includes cleansing, an enzyme peel, exfoliation, steam with extractions, toning and moisturizing.  (95 minutes, $144)

The Lake Austin Package: The Urban Renewal Facial plus back and shoulder waxing.  (80 minutes, $130)

We also carry an amazing chemical-free, organic line of skincare products from Talulah Natural Skincare. Talulah has a wonderful milk bath powder for sensitive skin and an aromatic body oil. They both make great gifts!

The Louise Package for women makes a great gift for girlfriends. Named after a cherished client who comes in for this package service once a month, “The Louise” includes a brow shaping, brow tint and lash tint.  Our aestheticians will expertly shape your brows and carefully blend the perfect shade of tint to accent and define your brows and lashes.  They have experience with complexions and hair colors of all shades and variations.  ($55)

thanks for stopping by austin eavesdropper, jennie!