Home for the holidays.

I come from one of the goofiest families of all time. 
And, Christmas is one of those times when my heritage is in full effect.

This is my dad.  He has huge facial expressions.  Both he and my mom love to laugh, making them excellent subjects for Christmas morning photography. 

Here is my mom receiving a DVD for Christmas.  Note how my dad is ALREADY giggling.  What do you think the DVD is?  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?  Something starring Tim Allen?

HELL NAW.  We all watched this as a family last night.

I love my mom’s facial expression here.  It’s like she’s saying, “aaayy, whatsa matta?”  She gave my dad a remote-controlled car for Christmas, and Ross got one, too.

Yoga kittens!

My dad gave Mom a new potato peeler, but he was so proud of it (see video below) that he posed with it for the camera.

Ross gave me a little Zoom video camera this year!  So I could more easily record shows, and display them on my blog.  Also, my parents, Ross’ parents, and I pitched in to get Ross a Kindle DX, which prompted him to make fun of me and my old-fashioned paper books all night.

Me, baking.  I made someone get a camera.

Ross got concerned, so he came over to help me. 

I took a photograph of my mom’s famed Cheese Grits recipe I was telling you about.
It’s shockingly easy.

I don’t know what my dad is doing here.
And — below.  My first video with the Zoom camera Ross gave me.  I shot it in weird lighting!  But as you can see, my dad’s exuberance over his Mom’s new potato peeler cannot be repressed, even by overhead darkness.