Hey! The Zooey Deschanel Show

Oh my God.

My dear friend (and fellow Mortified alum) Ted just turned me onto this: Hey! The Zooey Deschanel Show

Somehow he must have read my mind, and already have known how much I enjoy VeryMaryKate.com.  Because this brilliant Zooey version has me in stitches.

I mean, right! 

The show was created by Austinite Noël Kristi Wells, who also submitted the following — and if possible, even more awesome — audition video to Saturday Night Live.

The celeb imitations are pretty great, but I think I like the Austin hipster imitation (the last one to appear) the best! 

Locals (and Williamsburg, Brooklyn natives), we all know this person.  Hell, some of us are this person.

Oh, the Justin Bieber character … it’s a close tie for me, in terms of favorite, between Austin hipster (“yeah, so, technically, I’m a pescatarian”) and Justin Bieber (“ooh!  Girl!”)

Also. This next thing is completely off-topic. 

But, look what I just learned to do by accident on my keyboard:


Maybe you didn’t catch that.


So fancy!