TONIGHT: Black and White Years debut their AMAZING new LP, Patterns.

So, this is probably the most self-serving item I have ever posted on Austin Eavesdropper.

Why?  Well, it’s written by GARY!, and this is the story of how GARY! and I met. So in that way, it’s also one of the most sentimental items I’ve ever posted on Austin Eavesdropper.  


Anyway. Basically, what you need to know is, The Black and White Years, Austin’s electro-dance-music-with-smart-lyrics-band, is releasing their new LP Patterns tonight at The ND.  It is incredibly catchy, the Internet is freaking out about it, and I have been listening to the whole album on repeat this past week. Sample one of the singles, “Up!” here.

Here’s GARY! to tell you the rest. Remember — I’m warning you — the first part is straight-up flattery, and I’m a bit of an ego maniac just for posting it.

*  *  *
from gary!:

About two years ago, I was at The Mohawk for the YELLE show, when a friend of mine ran up to me and said, “I just met the cutest girl, and the two of you just HAVE to meet! You are going to LOVE her!”

If it sounds like he was gushing, it’s because he was, not to mention that’s just how gay folk talk when they get excited. I must have looked a little puzzled because he went on to explain, “She writes for this new blog in town called “That Austin Girl.” Now at this point in time I had never heard of a blog called “That Austin Girl,” nor had I ever met the pocket-sized blond girl behind it.

We did actually end up meeting that night in October, if only in passing, but my friend was right.  I was immediately taken by this HUGE personality trapped inside such a compact frame. We ran into each other a few other times after that, and we finally decided that if we were both going to inadvertently stalk each other’s social calendars, that we should probably exchange number.  God forbid, we both showed up at an event wearing the same thing.

Fast forward to the middle of November 2008.  I had heard about a show taking place at The Compound called “The Black and White Years: The East Side Remix.”  Tolly and I had previously bonded over the fact that we thought The Black and White Years were one of the most exciting things happening in the Austin music scene.  I mean, it’s not every day a local up and coming band is approached at SXSW by Talking Heads guitarist Jerry Harrison, and are asked if they’d like help in producing a debut album, right?  So, I rang Tolly.

It was an awesome night, and the start of a great friendship. Did I mention it was something like 35 degrees that night?  I think that officially makes us hardcore fans.

So!  It turns out that history will kind of be repeating itself tonight. The Black and White Years have a show tonight at The ND at 501 Studios.  This is their official album release party for Patterns, and their first single “Up!” has been garnering some heavy play on both 101x and KUT, as well as another favorite track of mine called “Everything’s Eventual.”

The first three times I heard the new songs on the radio I whipped out my phone and tried to SoundHound/Shazam it, only to end up feeling a little defeated when nothing pulled up. I actually found myself sitting in my car, praying the DJ would tell me who was behind the awesomeness (Praise Jesus for Andy Langer and Matt Riley!).  Since then, I’ve wised up and learned that they are actually streaming all of Patterns from their MySpace page, and I’m happy to report that this band has no idea what a sophomore slump is. The album is chocked full of danceable beats and catchy choruses, and I think our friend Happy put it best when he said, “Holy ish. This album is fun. Like REALLY fun.”

Here is a little taste of what you can expect tonight. From Patterns: The song “Animal Behaviors.”

And from Sip Sip — opening for The Black and White Years — “Continental Breakfast.”

What I am trying to say is: You should seriously come out tonight and get your dance on.  (And to help two Austin Eavesdroppers celebrate their 2nd Friendaversary).

101X Homegrown Live Presents: The Black and White Years CD Release Party with Sip Sip and MoTel Aviv
When: Doors – 9pm, MoTel Aviv – 10 pm, Sip Sip – 11 pm, B&WY’s – 12am

Where: THE ND @ 501 STUDIOS // 512.485.3001
Tickets: $8 at the door, Get there early for $3 Shiner’s and free pizza from Mr Gatti’s (while it lasts)