Those three little words you long to hear: THE BLEET-UP

Attention bloggers, blog readers, and individuals who spend any length of time whatsoever behind a computer screen:

Do you suffer from mouse-clicking-induced finger soreness?  Do you feel frequent urges to walk away from your computer? Do you long to stop LOLing, and actually laugh out loud, with your fellow humans?

If so, you may be a candidate for a safe and proven treatment called The Bleet-Up.  The Bleet-Up is the natural way to boost real-life social interactions, and increase feelings of joy and connection.

Note: The Bleet-Up is to be administered with delicious food samples. The interaction of The Bleet-Up with alcohol enhances its side effects, namely: Partying, hugging, and potential photo-taking. 

Some individuals may not be suitable for The Bleet-Up. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about partying and/or hugging. The Bleet-Up is available to adults of all ages, and studies have shown that participants in medical trials of The Bleet-Up have felt happier, more confident, and more excited about life following treatment.

A meet-up for Austin bloggers, blog readers, and everyone in between

Friday, December 3 
Rooftop terrace of Whole Foods Downtown

With live music provided by:
23 Positions (Prince cover band)
 *  *  * 
Drink local beer, and taste samples by:

*  *  * 

Go holiday shopping at our rad boutique pop-up shops:
*  *  *
Commemorate the best night of your life with a photo booth by:

Make Christmas tree ornaments with The Wonder Craft,  and get seeds for your garden from Yard Farm Austin

For the first time ever, witness the Austin Blogger Awards, presented by…

Go ice skating on the roof of Whole Foods on their freaking ice skating rink!
Proceeds benefiting…
Art From the Streets, providing twice-weekly art classes for homeless people, and an annual art show where they can sell their work.
Stay connected with Austin bloggers, and get more Bleet-Up announcements at our brand new
CAN YOU GUYS TELL I’M EXCITED?  Because I’m very excited!!

Richard and I have been planning this one, Bleet-Up #4, for a little while now.  If you’ve never been to a Bleet-Up before, and are confused as to what I’m talking about, just click here.

“Bleet-up” stands for “blogger” + “meet-up,” and we throw these parties twice a year.  The Summer one is small, the Fall one, which we are obviously promo-ing right now, is MUY GRANDE.

It’s an opportunity for any blogger, blog reader, publicist who would like to know more bloggers, musicians who would like to meet music bloggers, restaurant/food cart operator who would like to meet food bloggers, designers who would like to meet fashion bloggers, or just plain people who like to par-tay to come hang out!

We are doing so much this year that I am pumped about. Chris Apollo of the famed Republic of Austin has teamed up with us to host the first-ever Austin Blogger Awards, with winners honored at The Bleet-Up.  Whole Foods, which is totally wheelchair accessible (kinda super important to me), has been so awesome in providing their gorgeous rooftop terrace.  Our triumphant party at Mohawk last year was exciting enough, but the fact that we will have an ICE SKATING RINK THIS YEAR?  Are you kidding me?! 

So, you know what this means.  Until we launch the RSVP site in a few weeks, mark your calendars!  Please tell your friends, and “like” us on Facebook!  Please feel free to check back here or Ultra8201 for updates, as Richard and I will certainly have some later this month.

Speaking of which. I’d just like to publicly express my admiration of Richard, and my delight about having him as a co-planner. I told him last night that he was my Fairy Godfather, which is kind of like having magic, plus the Mafia, combined.  And I think you and I both know how serious that is.