Instant Date Night: Art Night Austin E.A.S.T.

So, I’m thinking of starting a feature on this blog, to run each (or, mostly on) Friday, called “Instant Date Night.” Do we like that idea, Austinites?  Yes?  No?

Remember: Dating yourself is 100% ok, and when Ross is out of town or can’t join me for whatever reason on Date Night — which for us, is Friday — I take myself to movies, or out to dinner, quite often.  Maybe this is the inner only child talking, but I find myself to be more than enough company.  Honestly a handful sometimes.

Anyway.  On a different note, do you creative types — musicians, computer code writers, regular writers, Etsy-ettes — feel as though you need to balance your art production, with art consumption?

I certainly do. Let’s be honest: Sometimes, Austin Eavesdropper posts are not remotely “artful” by any stretch of the imagination. A lot of the time it’s, “hey, this is going on this weekend, so, yay.” 

However …

Even those utilitarian blog posts require the help of my right brain. To arrange sentences in a coherent (and hopefully engaging) way, to incorporate images in a manner that enhances the information, to make the toss-off witty aside that — trust me — I thought long and hard about.

Because of all that, I try to make an effort to take in more art that I produce.  To stay inspired, you know.  Doesn’t matter what the medium is (though I am nerdily partial to books), and, I suspect some of you are the same way.

So!  For us, for anyone who expends creative energy throughout their day, and wants to get a little more of it back, I have a solution.

the official preview party of the east austin studio tour

This is the kick-off party for E.A.S.T., one of the coolest art events in the city.  And it is tonight!

E.A.S.T. is a walking tour of all the studios on Austin’s east side, big and small. Last year, my friend Kelly and I went, and ended up sharing a meal with one of the artists — this incredible painter with an apartment next door to Solid Gold boutique, who had a huge, Virgin Mary-style portrait of Willie Nelson hanging over her bed. She served us mini pizzas.

This evening, Art Night Austin is hosting a chauffeured culinary kick-off party of several E.A.S.T. spaces.  It runs from 7:00 – 10:30pm, beginning at Domy Books, and hits up Bearded Lady Screen Printing Studio, Big Medium, Blue Genie (!), Brocca Gallery, Co-Lab (all collaborative artwork — COOL) and Fisterra Studios.  Along the way, bites from East Side King, Cote Catering, Miles of Chocolate (drool) and Lucky J’s Chicken and Waffles are served.

Tickets are $45 for Art Alliance members, $55 for non-members. You can buy those here.

The tour ends with an after-party ($10 tickets) at Hope Farmer’s Market.

Here are a few art pieces you’ll see along the way.

From top to bottom: Artists Bonnie Brenda Scott, Edie Fake, Chad Hopper, and Mel Kadel. All images courtesy of Domy Books.

I’m getting over a cold, but I am definitely going to try and check this out tonight.

Have you guys ever done e.a.s.t. before?