Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010: Delorean performs "Real Love." [LIVE VIDEO]

Delorean may just be Fun Fun Fun Fest’s dreamiest band selection.
I first discovered Delorean last summer with the song “Deli,” and immediately latched onto their dancey love songs. It was Passion Pit by way of Arcade Fire, with the subdued coolness one associates with their corner of the world (Basque country). 
Here are some shots of the band, with lead singer Ekhi Lopetegi looking quite Orlando Bloomish.  

And … check out this VIDEO we shot of “Real Love!”  This song inserts my right back into the thick of the festival.  It hasn’t even been 24 hours (as of post publishing) since I shot it, but already I can it quickly becoming one of my personal Fun Fun 2010 high points.

The crowd during “Real Love.”
I adore this shot.