Fact: It is Sunday.

Fact: Fun Fun Fun Fest is currently blowing my mind.

Fact: We are doing a handful of Fun Fun Fest posts this weekend / forthcoming week on Austin Eavesdropper, and our first comes courtesy of local comedy hero, Chris Trew.

Fact: Chris and I are about to talk about Air Sex, a live comedy show invented in Japan, and arguably perfected here in Austin, Texas.

Fact: I feel a little bit dirty / sinful posting about Air Sex on the Lord’s Day.

Fact: Chris Trew’s delightful personality cancels out 99.9% of my guilt, and when you listen to our interview below, I think you (and possibly the Lord) will understand why. 

But before we begin. It should be said that, as a music festival, one of Fun Fun’s many unique qualities is its embrace of live comedy. In just its fourth year, Fun Fun has grown from an underground, primarily punk rock/electro music festival, to a large – and almost always sold-out – festival of multiple music stripes.  Transmission Entertainment, who hosts Fun Fun, likes to mix up-and-comers (such as MGMT in 2007, who played to a then-tiny crowd) with nostalgic hardcore rock (Danzig in 2009, Gwar in 2010).  And every year, they also manage to lasso some outstanding stand-up comics for the weekend line-up.

The guiding logic being: Next to dancing your ass off, what is better than laughing it off?

Chris is a buddy of mine, and has graciously involved me in a few of his shows at the New Movement Theater.  Now, I am way too dorky/Pollyanna to enter his now-famous Air Sex Competition at Alamo Drafthouse, the ballsier, more inappropriate sibling of Alamo’s Air Guitar Competition.

But, I am IN AWE of the contestants.

 Photo courtesy Alamo Drafthouse.

Because Air Sex is hilarious, irreverent, and pokes some much-needed fun at a topic we all probably take a little too seriously, Chris and his crew will be performing TONIGHT at Fun Fun Fun Fest, 7:05pm on the Yellow Stage. They are fresh off their second U.S. tour, judging faux thrusters all over this great nation.

Chris kindly spoke to me by phone last week about Air Sex, and I asked him:

How did you get involved in Air Sex?
What makes an Air Sex performer successful?
Do they “do it” differently in different parts of the country?

[ALSO:  “HALF MAN, HALF BEARD” — the new album by Chris Trew’s alter ego Terp 2 It — will be also be on-sale at Fun Fun.]

enjoy!   Note: This is an experiment for audio interviews on Austin Eavesdropper, and our very first one, so be kind!  The sound quality will improve, as will the ratio of my own laughter to actual question-asking.

Fellow Eavesdroppers:

What do you think of Air Sex?
What do you think of this interview?
Who else would you like us to speak with, audio-style, on Austin Eavesdropper?

UPDATE: How embarrassing! The site where we store audio files is down, down, down until further notice, hence the silent, non-working clip. 

Who else thinks the Lord may have very well smote this interview?