Austin’s currency is creativity.

About a week and a half ago, I participated in Austin Unscripted, a documentary project by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

When they wrote and said we were coming to Austin, I got a little bit excited, and was inspired to write a really long post.  It was about my continuing love affair with Quack’s, my favorite coffee shop/bakery in the whole world.

Now it wasn’t the best hair day, and I do say the word “special” about 38 times in the last few minutes of the interview … but oh well.  I think I got some good points in.

This was such a cool project in general, and I am pretty thrilled that NTHP targeted Austin. Because our city hasn’t been a CITY for all that long, and in some ways, I feel like it’s only just gotten on the national radar. We all have this collective notion of Washington D.C., or Boston, or Los Angeles — but Austin?  I’d say it’s in the nascent stages of that.

We’re still pretty “underground” as far as the rest of the country is concerned. That’s why I feel so lucky to be a blogger right now. To document this time not only in my life, but in Austin’s life — because I think we’re in the middle of a truly fascinating chapter.

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(Implied shout-outs in interview above to Gourdough’s, Banarchy, Hey Cupcake, and all the many wonderful Austin taco trailers).