Help one of our own get her dream job.

Informal poll.

If there was one place on the entire Earth where you could visit, for as long as you wanted, and money was no option — where would it be?

It’s almost impossible for me to answer that question. There are so many! But, here are my top 5:

5. A cross-country tour of major American cities I haven’t visited yet: Seattle, Portland, Sante Fe, Chicago, Boston
4. Montreal
3. Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, etc.)
2. Nepal
1. Brazil OR Costa Rica

That only scratches the surface.

Before I took my first major out-of-the-country trip, to Italy, I basically thought everyone dressed like they worked on a vineyard.  I remember buying a long, black, flowy peasant skirt, thinking, “This will help me blend in with The Italians.”

I soon realized that in MILAN, where I was living, and where there is nary a vineyard in sight, slacks and functional (but stylish) sneakers were the order of the day. Long, romantic skirts get caught in subway doors, and their hems drag through disease-laden street puddles. Plus, it was harder to shop when you had a big unwieldy skirt to deal with, forcing you to ultimately try less things on, and nobody wanted that!

I think about Milan almost daily.  I sincerely hope I get to go back someday.

Maybe the next best thing will happen, though.

An Austinite named Jennifer Parker emailed me last week about her dream job: Becoming a TV travel gal. She entered a contest to host “Paradise Hunter,” and wants all of us to vote for her.

I told her I was absolutely in. Provided she bring me along on one of her fabulous trips, of course!  (Just kidding). Not really.

We can vote for Jennifer once daily, up until November 5. She currently stands at roughly 5,000 votes, and has been fluctuating in the Top 10. But just like we rallied for Trash Dance a few weeks ago, I say we go vote for her!  The top contender right now has between 9,000 – 10,000. We can totally beat that. Especially since we’re allowed to vote every day.

Good luck, Jennifer!  Just voted for you again, girl.