GUEST POST: Intern Jeronimo reviews Fox Royal!

Happy Wednesday, all!

So, a few weeks ago, you might remember me mentioning that Austin Eavesdropper now has an intern. That was totally true. And if you are a publicist and have been following instructions (pitching austineavesdropper [a] instead of the old Hotmail address) then you have probably even heard from Jeronimo!

Basically, Jeronimo is awesome. He is utilizing this as a writing internship, so, I invited him to do a couple of guest posts for AE.

Today, Jeronimo is reviewing the new EP, Us Against Us Again, from Austin band, Fox Royal. They have an upcoming show on Tuesday, November 9 at Mohawk.

Thank you to Jeronimo for this post, and please tell us what you think of this review in the comment section! (Constructive criticism only, please).

from jeronimo:

Fox Royal has just released their debut EP, and I’m here to say a few words about it. But before we get into that, let me give y’all a little background on this new group.

The band was started in Lubbock in 2008, when brothers Benjamin Bloom (bass/vocals) and Doug Bloom (guitar/vocals) met Justin Olejnik (drums/ vocals). The band played shows around Lubbock for about a year and a half, until they moved to Austin, where they would meet their fourth member, Lance Logan (guitar/percussion/vocals). A year later the band began recording their first EP Us Against Us Again, and released it in September of 2010.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the music.

For the sake of ending with the good, let’s start with the not so great.

After listening to Us Against Us Again from Fox Royal, I had (and still have) mixed feelings. The instrumentation on this project is actually pretty well done, and is probably the album’s biggest saving grace, but there’s still something left to be desired. The singing style on most of the songs falls pretty flat. I don’t want to call it whiny, because that’s not really the right description, but it just doesn’t feel like there’s any real passion. This makes most tracks feel routine, bordering on mundane. It’s not as if they can’t sing, quite the opposite in fact, but it just seems like they’re still searching for a voice to complement their other talents. That said, there are still some tracks that are worthwhile.

One song in particular really seems to showcase both the instrumental abilities and vocal potential of these young artists: “Across the Room.” This track brings together both talents in a way that, I think, shows a lot of future potential. The main problem with the vocals in other tracks is that it sounds like they’re just trying too hard, instead of letting the lyrics flow in a way that would be as melodically pleasing as the instruments. However, on “Across the Room,” the lyrics flow right along with the beat and bass line, giving this song a near-perfect feel.

All in all, the group’s debut actually shows quite a lot of talent and potential. The main thing to consider is that artists are always growing, developing and getting better at their art. With that in mind, I think we can look forward to seeing better and better things from Fox Royal.

If you would like to listen to Fox Royal’s new EP, Us Against Us Again you can visit their page at ReverbNation.