ACL EAVESDROPPER GIVEAWAY: Your very own private performance by Matt & Kim and Local Natives.

Would you like to attend a free, private show this weekend to see these people?

matt & kim

local natives

Yes? Well ok then.

We are giving away 5 passes to The Music Lounge and Rock the Vote Nights, both held at the American Legion Hall (2201 Veterans Dr) during ACL.

These are private events (no entry allowed unless you’re on the guest list), and offer a delicious, free alcohol-fueled, air-conditioned reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Zilker park.

Perhaps you are wondering who the “special guest” at the Rock the Vote party is? Well I will tell you.

two door cinema club

And, if these are the bands for the night party…something tells me the “special performances” teased on the day party poster will be equally awesome.

HERE’S THE DEAL. To enter, you must:

1. Follow Austin Eavesdropper on Twitter. This is not because we’re trying to be assy but because I haven’t decided how I’m going to announce the winner yet. It might be on Twitter. It might be on this blog. It might be on a carrier pigeon. But cover your bases and follow AE if you aren’t already. My Twitter name is TollyM.

2. Leave a comment on this post.  Preferably saying something awesome. Examples: “I am writing this comment to you underwater because – as it turns out – I have been adopted by octupii.” Or: “Remember that time I saved you from that rabid shark?  Umm yeah, I think we all know who gets these tix.” –Actual hilarious comment left by Jake Holt, on this giveaway, a few months ago.

3. Be available at noon on Friday or Saturday.  In order to gain entry into the night party – Rock the Vote Nights – winners must show up at NOON, Friday or Saturday (right when the Music Lounge opens each day) to claim their spot on that guestlist. Winners who show up late will not get into the night party happening Saturday.

Winners will be selected by Thursday night, at 8:00pm, at random.  Funny comments may give you a little advantage! Just sayin’!

Oh, and! Each winner will be granted a +1, so you can bring a friend or even a lover.

good luck!

**Thanks to Giant Noise, BEHRINGER, popchips, Alternative Apparel, Revel Stoke Whisky, AriZona Beverages and SESAC for making these parties and this giveaway possible!

CONTEST UPDATE:  Ok first of all, YOU PEOPLE ARE SO FREAKING FUNNY. I want you to know I pretty much laughed myself to sleep each night reading your comments, and if I had more time, would post some of the best individually here.  The one about the stop-motion animation cat was so good that I had to stop, walk away, take a lap around the living room, catch my breath, sit back down, and attempt to continue scrolling.

Anyway.  Now for the news.  The five winners of this giveaway are…(selected by my husband at random while I closed my eyes):

1. Natalie (“natalienicolenelson”)
2. Oneincamillion (“cvwoods”)
3. Cassiday Proctor (“Cassiday P”)
4. Erik (“Philip Eno” –confusing? Oh well)
5. Katherine (“Katherine Loiry”)

I will be emailing you five shortly with information.

THANK YOU guys, everyone, for playing!  I love you all so much I want to mail you cards with a baboon kissing a kitten on the front that plays Randy Newman when you open it up.  Or something.