A romp through Maryland.

My pictures from last weekend only came out so-so, but here is a small handful of memories.

Heh. This picture is like a naked Where’s Waldo?  Except I really am wearing a top part of that dress, albeit a strapless top.


I would normally supplement these photos with a little story … but.  This dear family whose wedding we attended is going through something very difficult right now.  If any of you affected are reading this, and you know who you are, know that Ross and I love all of you so very much. Beyond words, and certainly beyond a silly blog post.  I want to wrap my arms around each of you right now, and fold you up in a few tiny moments of warmth and peace.

Mom, Dad, Ross, funny and smart and quirky friends of mine: I love you, desperately and with all of my heart.  I hope I say it enough, and if I say it too much, I hope I show it enough, too.