Grab your best Never-Nudes and hop on a Segway immediately.


Do you want to know what one of the best YouTube videos of all time is?

Ross and I could seriously watch this for HOURS.

Afterwards, we always walk around the house going, “What the F!”

So when I got an email in my inbox this week that the Society of American Magicians was throwing the First Annual Austin Street Magic Festival this weekend, I knew I had to share!

Ok, so, the art of ILLUSION is not a hobby I necessarily practice myself.  But if I had a kid, I would totally take he / she to the Street Magic Festival. Heck, I might even borrow a random child from somebody and hit this up.

Also? In addition to the street festival, The Texas Association of Magicians is having a convention this weekend. I didn’t even know there was such an association!

from today through monday:
* Single ticket shows and close-up magic performances. Tickets here.

(My very favorite, favorite show listing of all is: “MAX MAVEN, Thinking in Person: An Evening of Knowing and Not Knowing.”)

If you go, maybe you’ll learn how to saw yourself in half—under the clause of silence, of course.  

*Special thanks to Megan for contributing facts and wit to this post!