Where I go when I can’t be creative.

Do you ever have days – or weeks – when you start, stop, start, stop, and start again on something creative, but just can’t see it through?

That is me, with blogging. Lately, I have started a ton of blog posts that never come to fruition, either because they are boring, or because they’re not something I think you would want to read, or because I simply stall out halfway in. It’s like someone hits a switch, and my fingers freeze, mid-type. “We’re done now!”

As long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve realized that sometimes, I need to take breaks, and dive into someone else’s art before returning to mine.

I’ve posted on Tamara Lichtenstein before, but while perusing my friend Amanda’s blog, Dishevelled Stars, last night, I was reminded how much I adore her photography.
(Doesn’t this girl look like Liz Lemon?)
Thank you, Tamara.