This post begins with lovely photography, and devolves into me smearing things on my face.

Hi friends. Did you all have a lovely weekend?
As some of you know, I got a Diana F+ camera recently. This weekend I discovered I am a pretty awesome Diana F+ photographer. By the way, it’s opposite day.
Oh you guys … I am terrible with the Diana F+. Terrible right now, that is. That’s because I’m determined to improve!  I want nothing more than to snap iconic Austin shots, and dazzle you with my fuzzy, ethereal, double-exposed photos. Earlier this summer, I decided to do something about my questionable cooking. Now, I am moving onto photography.  Perhaps the BP oil spill next?  Sky’s the limit.   

Oh Diana F+ photos, you enchant me so.  
The photos you see above come from this lovely blog, and the last three, this Flickr user.

Do you want to know a secret? One of the most amazing lomo photography streams, if you’re into lomo photography, comes from an Austinite. His Flickr page is here, and I stalk it every so often.

Want to know something else? I moaned aloud today. In public. It was quite un-ladylike. 
For that I blame Delysia Chocolate, who was giving out samples today at Sirens Salon – where there was a little Fashion Week party. The founder let me taste cayenne dark chocolate, cabernet sauvignon chocolate, and cigar chocolate. It was all so exciting that I accidentally wiped chocolate sauce on my forehead, no doubt while gesturing wildly, and didn’t realize it until the party was finished. Do I not have normal-person feeling sensors on my face, or something? Because this is the second time a foreign substance has been all over my face and I didn’t realize it. 
Luckily, this incident wasn’t quite as dramatic as the last.