Show review: CHROMEO at Stubb’s.

But, before we get down to business.

Thank you kind, insightful, WISE readers of this blog who commented on yesterday’s post. I knew I was taking a risk being a little more soul baring than usual, and I appreciate you being so cool (and encouraging) about it. Your words prompted me to leave a “response” comment so long, that Blogger wouldn’t even accept it!  Haha. It was over the character limit, and trust me, they give you a lot of characters.

Well today, Austin Concerts Examiner Greg Ackerman guest posts on Austin Eavesdropper, with a review of Chromeo’s and Holy Ghost’s show at Stubb’s last Tuesday. Enjoy his write-up. Thanks so much Greg for doing this!

photo: Marin Heard
from greg ackerman:
When I received an email saying an Examiner writer had already beaten me to the request for credentials for Chromeo and Holy Ghost at Stubb’s BBQ on Tuesday I was momentarily stymied. But the PR contact thankfully asked if I had another outlet to publish to. Oh boy, did I! I frantically typed messages on every freaking social media platform and email address I have for Tolly Moseley and requested to submit a guest post for Austin Eavesdropper.
Secretly I’ve been wanting to write a post for Eavesdropper for months, but the right opportunity never presented itself until now. The subject is perfect, a dance party galore at featuring one of the hottest dance-pop acts on tour currently, Chromeo. The Montreal duo killed it Tuesday evening at Stubb’s as the enthusiastic crowd chanted , “Chromeo Oh, oh” periodically throughout the performance. Even in the sweltering heat, fans danced as well as they could as people crowded in front of the stage.

photo: Marin Heard

Chromeo has developed their own presence on stage. As one would imagine, they keep it light-hearted, which makes for a fun evening for fans.

Holy Ghost was equally entertaining but more in a New Order, old-school, Michael Jackson kind of way. It was still pretty hot when HG took the stage. The crowd was attentive, but not moving much even though the band was going for it with energy. Their music fits the DFA label they share with LCD Soundsystem. There is an underlying edge to the music that sounds and feels punk. I’m looking forward to see the band headline a show after seeing two opener performances. They’re THAT good.

Holy Ghost! interview @ The Palladium, LA from TIGER TIGER on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Marin Heard for supplying photographs and to Tolly Mosely for graciously accepting my offer.
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