PHOTOS: A Hair Affair Fashion Show.

On Monday night, The Phoenix hosted A Hair Affair Fashion Show & Fundraiser, as part of Austin Fashion Week. 
With gloriously large, 18th c. French-inspired wigs, body painting, and lacy tights aplenty, A Hair Affair ties with Fashion Freakout for the best local fashion show I’ve ever seen.

We waited for the show to begin …

Emcee Marcus Swagger, of LegitArt Entertainment, introduced the show in full French regalia.

I couldn’t get enough of those tights and frothy skirts. Buffalo Exchange provided the clothing, while Brandy Joy Smith provided the luscious styling.
Backstage, I got to talk to a few of the models.

Lovely Cameron.

Austin Eavesdropper reader, Lauren! Her top is entirely painted on.
Are you wondering where this wild make-up and hair comes from? That would be Waterstone Aesthetics, and hair stylist Ana Castro.

Finally, I didn’t get a decent shot of the grand finale model – the one with a SHIP ON HER HEAD. I was so busy staring slack-jawed that I forgot to to get my camera in position, and by the time I did, it was too late!

But it’s ok, because guess what you guys? I got to interview that model, Teresa Cantu – who made it to the finals for America’s Next Top Model – for News 8 Austin. Go laugh at my little tiny microphone! I had such a blast doing that, and was honored to be asked by the station to help out with reporting. Maybe I’ll get to do more of it in the future!