Love vintage? Good. Magnolia Family Vintage will not only blow your freaking mind, it wants YOU to get a deal. VOTE at the bottom.

Well that’s only the longest post title in the world, isn’t it?

If I could, I would have actually written, “Love vintage? Good. Magnolia Family Vintage will not only blow your freaking mind, it wants YOU to get a 15% discount, AND vote on the website header design, AND have a great damn Wednesday while you’re at it!”

But that would have been a little verbose. And, aggressive.

ANYWAY. This post involves a little backstory, you guys. Got yer listenin’ ears ready?

Ok, so, about two years ago, when I was writing for Rare Magazine, I had the divine pleasure of meeting new Austin transplant, Sarah Jessica Dean. She was a vintage stylist, had styled some shoots for Rare, and had just started her own eBay shop.

As Sarah and I got to talking, I learned that her vintage styling/retail business arose almost entirely by accident. She simply loved old, treasured remnants of people’s clothed lives, and at each Goodwill, thrift store, or vintage shop she strolled into, she walked out with a new (to her) garment. “Regardless of whether it fit or not,” says Sarah.

At a certain point, Sarah realized she needed to cut some of her darlings … to make room for more. This was a habit, people, a serious, vintage-purchasing habit, and it needed funding.

So Sarah started an eBay shop, Magnolia Family Vintage (since closed), to get rid of some things. “Magnolia” to honor her Southern roots, “Family” to honor her support team.

Then, phone calls from photographers started coming.

Then, she became the default stylist on many a shoot.

Fast-forward a year after our interview – to summer 2009 – and she’s styling the cover story for who? Oh, only BOHO MAGAZINE.

Pretty rad, right?

Well back to our interview, the one in 2008.  Sarah told me she was thinking about starting a blog where, for one year, she wore nothing but second-hand / pre-owned clothing (with the exception of knickers, of course). She wanted to show people that dressing in a “vintage” way needn’t be hard, and that if you put your mind to it, you could do it every day.

I told her she had to do it. She MUST do it.

Thus began The Year of Living Thriftily, a beloved blog to both Austinites and fashionistas. Through it, Sarah expanded the reach of her eBay shop, promoted local vintage garage sales, and networked with other creative minds here in town. And that’s not all – that site INSPIRED people. Including a man, formerly stationed in Afghanistan, who decided to move to Austin after discovering her blog.

(Needless to say, I am one of those people who found – still find – Sarah pretty inspiring).

Sarah and I always stayed buddies over the years, and we even threw a party together last January: The Rock N’ Swap, where people traded their old duds for someone else’s.

The two of us, along with Sarah’s family, worked it and had a BLAST, thanks to the generous donations of time, music, and even cupcake samples from our friends. And also thanks to the fun-loving gals and guys who attended, swapping with aplomb, and squealing over their claimed goodies.

But now. OH, now you guys, there is a new development for Sarah and her vintage adventures. She is getting HER VERY OWN STORE on the interwebs, and it launches this week!

World, I present:

So exciting!!

And you want to hear something else cool? Just for reading this blog, Austin Eavesdropper, you get a special discount through the month of August. Just type in “FAMILY” at your checkout for a 15% price cut.

Also? Sarah wants your help in designing the site a little. She has TWO website header images, so I thought we could put each to a vote, and see which one you liked best.
which header do you like best?
CONGRATULATIONS on your new shop, Sarah!
I feel so honored and lucky to be your pal.
Fashionistas: You know what to do. Go shop, have fun, and tell all your friends!