I have the most amazing friends ever, plus, when do you create a Facebook page?

So yesterday, as a joke, I posted on Facebook probably the best photo of me ever taken.

I don’t know why I got rid of this look.

Anyway, I’m going about my day today, blah blah errands work etc., then come home later this evening to discover this … also on Facebook. (PS, my name is Tolly).

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are ever in the Sacramento, California area, please stop by the offices of this magazine and shake the hand of their art director, Jason, who created the above “cassingle.”  Jason is my old work buddy, but more importantly, he is the reason I currently cannot breathe because laughter is making my esophagus convulse and hurt.

Also?  HOW COOL IS THIS. Andrea, a pal of mine and a reader of Austin Eavesdropper, nominated this blog for an award today!

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

Isn’t this cute? I was having one of those “my blog sucks” days, and this made it all better.

I’m going to go post it in the margin so people can vote if they want to, along with a couple of other things I’m putting in the margin. I’ve really been neglecting the margin lately.

Finally, can I ask you guys a question? I go back and forth all the time about creating a page for this blog on Facebook, à la Republic of Austin. In some ways, I think: “yeah, totally! Facebook page. People can submit Austin-y post ideas and it’ll be all interactive and shit.” And then in other ways, I think: “meh … it’ll be just one more thing cluttering people’s already messy Facebook feedsI don’t want to be an ass …”

What do you guys think? Would a Facebook page for Austin Eavesdropper be helpful to you?