Do you know the password? Secret Mad Men cocktails at Peche.

Let’s get something straight right now.

Forget your True Blood, your Real Housewives of ____, even your Breaking Bad and Dexter and all the other respectable shows that cleaned up at the Emmys a couple days ago.

Mad Men is the best program on television. Period.

Even the Emmys agree!

Are you watching Mad Men? Oh, please say you’re watching it. You could even pop it open right now on Project Free TV, so there’s really no excuse. Two years ago, Christina Hendricks – i.e. Joan Holloway, queen bee secretary on Mad Men – inspired me to dye my hair red. Before that, I was Betty Draper blond.

Here’s another reason to watch. Did you know they drink constantly on that show? By which I mean, their characters drink, at work? It’s funny to think back to a time when that was normal. The show takes place in the early 1960s, and whenever anyone steps into your office on Mad Men, the first question on your lips is always: “What’ll you have to drink?” And then, you walk over to your little mirrored cocktail table, pour them scotch on the rocks, and that’s that. No one, but no one, slurs their speech.

What a vision.

Above, some examples of specialty cocktails Peche is doing for the next month in honor of Mad Men. During happy hour Wednesdays through Sundays (4-6pm weekdays, all day Saturday/Sunday), each drink is only $5, and bartenders select a specific drink to highlight that week: Either one that has been featured on the show, or one that speaks to a specific character on Mad Men.

The Mad Men special is announced each week, every Wednesday, here.

But to get it, you need to know the password:

Each drink is an early ’60s classic. I sampled some last week with miss Beth Bellanti, the brains behind this Mad Men cocktail operation, and it was tough to pick a favorite.
mint julep.
Bourbon. Cane sugar. Water. Lots o’ mint.
This one looks like a garden on top!
the harpoon.
Precursor of The Cosmopolitan. Vodka. Orange liquor. Lime juice. Cranberry juice. Slice of lime.
Such a pretty garnish. Bourbon. Sugar dissolved with water and bitters. Aromatic bitters. Orange slice. Lemon wedge. Cherry.
brandy alexander.
Brandy. Cream. Dark crème de cacao. Nutmeg. Insanity. Probably my favorite.

Bottoms up, dolls.