Casxio needs to be totally famous.

Isn’t it a shame we can’t claim this wonderful, LA-based band in Austin?

Actually, it’s probably for the best. If Casxio lived here, I would likely be slapped with a restraining order.

As most of you well know, Casxio was my favorite band discovery during SXSW this year. As perhaps a few of you know, I am less of an equal-opportunity music consumer, and more of a music laser beam pointer. Meaning, I pick 3-4 bands a year and zap them with adoration. What?

Anyway, this is Casxio’s brand new music video, for the song “My Book,” above.  And!  That’s not even the most exciting news.

The band is releasing a new album, Friends Vs. Lovers, on September 14. Their cute press release does such a good job of describing this occasion, that I’m not even going to rephrase it.

“On Sept 14, Casxio will release its first full-length LP. The album leaves no doubt as to what this band is all about: funk infused rock and R&B songs meant to titillate and inspire your mind and flesh into action.

Friends vs. Lovers is about the volatile ride we all subject ourselves to for the sake of companionship. Love arrives, escapes, teases, and tortures. Throughout it all, frontman Guerin, transcribes these escapades into dangerously contagious pop songs.”

I’d say that about sums it up, wouldn’t you?

ALSO. This is not at all for-sure yet, but. You guys. There is a slight, teeny tiny chance Casxio will be coming to Austin this year.

AND. There is a teensier chance they will be playing for something Austin Eavesdropper is involved in. Like a birthday party for her cat. Just kidding.

Anyway, moving on — to Sinead O’Connor. Because who doesn’t want to discuss Sinead O’Connor.

Does that cover not blow your mind?
I don’t think most women can sing a falsetto like that.
Certainly not me.

congratulations on the new album, casxio!

i am so excited for it.

The end.

PS: It is really, really late on a Thursday night.

PPS: If this post sounds crazy in any way, I promise I will fix it after I have slept. Does it read like a crazy person’s writing?