Austin Fashion Week starts tomorrow.

Just so you guys know, my outfit today is very Joan Holloway à la Mad Men. I realize you couldn’t enjoy your weekend until you knew this information.

But I’m not taking a picture of it, because:

A) I am horrible at taking pictures of myself; I don’t know how fashion bloggers do it, and

B) I think I’m going to save it for one of the many Austin Fashion Week day parties going on next week.

Did I ever tell you it was the character of Joan Holloway who inspired me to dye my hair red? Before that, I was a blonde, for years. (Evidenced in yesterday’s post. Wasn’t that a great look?)

Speaking of Fashion Week. We were chatting about it a bit on Monday, and did you know it starts tomorrow? With Tiffany?

Sigh. Don’t you miss the days when you could go see a really cool concert, AT THE MALL?