Austin Fashion Week 2010: The After Party.

Forgive the Society Pages nature of this blog post, everyone. It’s about to get all picture-y.

I did attend the Austin Fashion Week Awards, but I was backstage, dressing models. If you were in the audience, did you see the René Geneva portion of the show?  (Indiana at Adored Austin shot a great video of it.) Gorgessitty, non?

Anyway, I was steaming/zipping/pinning those little ladies pre-show, and as a result, schlepped my tired feet back home until the After Party began. As in … I literally took off my uncomfortable ass shoes, carried them barefoot across the parking lot behind The Long Center, scampered across The Long Center lawn, glanced wild-eyed at the fancy people on the red carpet, ran – still barefoot – across Riverside Drive, flanking The Long Center, threw open my car door, tossed the offending shoes inside, and tossed myself, panting, into the front seat.

That whole description was possibly more dramatic than it needed to be.

How I wish someone had a video of that entire ridiculous incident, so we could laugh at it together.

If you were one of those people on the red carpet, and saw a redheaded, sweaty, HOT MESS clad in a big pastel dress, running across The Long Center like a lunatic, then A) I’m sorry you had to see that, and B) you looked really pretty!!

Where were we? Ah yes. The After Party.

Well frankly, I was pretty excited it, mostly because it was held at the Frost Bank Tower. Which felt delightfully Gotham to me. Haven’t you always wanted to party up there, inside the bizarre little points? Are there rooms up there?  Rooms that slant diagonally? 

The answer is no, there aren’t rooms up there, inside the “points.” But on Saturday night, there were plenty of well-dressed individuals.

Left to right: The fabulous Anslee Connell of Savannah Red Couture, man-about-town Jeremiah Newton, designer Amanda Fay, who MADE the pink top you’re looking at, and moi.

On the left: my girl Cory Ryan, aka Austin Fashion Awards 2010 Critics Choice Winner: Best Photographer! And on the right, her completely adorable man, Tom Hudson.
On the left, Maureen Toribio, beauty and brains behind Inglenook Decor.

 Left: Austin Fashion Awards 2009 Critic’s Choice Winner: Best Designer, René Geneva, middle: Austin Fashion Awards 2010 People’s Choice Winner: Best Model, Jessa Peters.

A fairly typical shot of René and I.

As you can see, this was one of those nights where I had a drink or two, waved my camera around, and insisted strangers take pictures of my friends and I. Girl’s all class!