Happy Bastille Day, everybody!

Do any of you know what your ancestral heritage is? I believe mine is English, through and through. I always fantasized that it was French though, if just a small part, and was even under the impression that I was right. Until my dad swiftly corrected me.

“Where did you get that idea?” he said. “I believe I made it up,” I confessed. Sheepishly.

But that’s ok! One can still celebrate the French Revolution, even if one is not French. As a French Supporter, I choose to celebrate:

chèvre cheese,
creative scarf-tying,
Julia Child’s culinary training,
Phoenix (the band),
Yelle (the girl),
a more relaxed attitude about shaving,

…and a host of other less glamorous but equally awesome things, like one of the world’s best healthcare systems.

I also celebrate Justine’s on the east side, and tonight, they are having a Bastille Day party!

Festivities involve big wigs, “Josephine Baker” and a guillotine!

Man. I was supposed to go to a Tiki cocktail class tonight…but wow?! This might necessitate a change of plans! 
Anyone care to be my date at Justine’s?

vive le france!

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