TODAY: Adventures in Online Shopping, via Austin’s Peacock Plume.

Teehee. I have a post for you guys from Breanna (“B” as I like to call her), fellow Eavesdropper who told us about the Texas Artisan Showcase last week.  This one is about Peacock Plume, drool-inducing local boutique, and a favorite of Austin Eavesdropper!

Anyway, the reason I am giggling is because Breanna kindly gives me a little shout-out, here in this post, here on my own blog. I could delete it like a modest person would…or, I could not.

Thanks for the love, B! You are the sweetest, and I’m so happy you’re writing for Austin Eavesdropper now.

Here she is Austin girls, telling you fashionistas what’s what!

from breanna:

I’ll admit it: I’m not really an online shopper.

Okay, sure, I’ve bought books and DVDs from Amazon. And, occasionally, skin care products. But in all these cases, you know what you’re getting. There’s really no room for error.

Clothes and shoes, however? Another story. Because, like many ladies I know, my size fluctuates occasionally, and every brand is cut a little differently. One woman’s size 6 jeans are another woman’s OMG you have got to be kidding me I can’t even pull these up over my thighs! (This happened to me in Banana Republic recently. I swear they’ve changed their size charts.)

Also? My feet are slightly different sizes. Thanks, genetics! So I never* buy shoes without trying them on first. Specifically, without trying them on my left foot first. It’s the bigger one.

I know, I know – you can always return something if it doesn’t fit. But to me, that’s just an extra step and a pain in my ass that I don’t want to deal with. Wait for the thing to arrive, be disappointed that it doesn’t fit, send it back and wait for a different size? Hell naw. Instant gratification, people. It makes the world go round.

But all that changed when I perused the online shop at Peacock Plume after reading about them here on Austin Eavesdropper (more proof that Tolly does, indeed, know what is up). Whoa, people! I tell you, I loved almost everything in their store. I covet this dress:

And this necklace:
Oh, and this. This is new:
Plus, Peacock Plume is based right here in Austin. Big-time bonus points! Upon discovering Peacock Plume at last, everything came together in one of those fantastical cosmic moments, and I was compelled to break my own rule. Yes, dear friends, I bought a pair of shoes online without trying them on first. Behold, the shoes:

I could not resist, made a guess on my size, and clicked “Submit Order” like a crazy woman. Fortunately, being an Austin resident, I received them quickly. I opened the box – which contained a sweet, handwritten thank-you note from Peacock Plume’s owners and an actual peacock feather – tried on the shoes (left foot first), and praise Jeebus, they fit! And I love them. Is it weird to say they are slimming? They make my feet look slim. I have also received several compliments on them, which, yay! Hearts all around.

After this experience and all the drooling I’ve done over their wares, imagine my excitement when I heard that Peacock Plume is having an open house event this week. And wait, there’s more: free wine while you shop. The excitement, it builds! If you haven’t had the chance to check out Peacock Plume online, you can drop by in person TODAY, Thursday, July 1 from 5:30pm to 8pm at 5555 N Lamar, Suite C110.

Racks of adorable clothes, shoes, accessories, and free wine – I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of awesome.

*I guess I should never say never, huh?